Kumarakom Lake Resort

A perfect symphony of luxury and heritage, nature and culture

Three-time winner of the World Travel Award as India's Leading Resort

Set on the bank of the serene Vembanad Lake

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There are fifty-nine rooms, villas and suites at the Kumarakom Lake Resort that are a beautiful example of Kerala's traditional architectural charm, but with all the modern luxuries and amenities one would wish for from a five star resort. The resort is constructed from over a hundred original ancestral homes from across Kerala, each of which was purchased, dismantled and the materials from which were used to create these authentic 16th century traditional homesteads of Kerala within the resort. The villas and suites all enjoy charming open-air, courtyard bathrooms, and many of them also have access to a private pool or the meandering pool. The meandering pool is a beautiful 250m long pool which twists and turns through the resort, and the Meandering Pool Villas each have direct access to the pool from their private deck.


The fifty-nine villas, suites and rooms are divided between five categories. 

8 x Luxury Pavilion Rooms - these are housed within one block, the main difference between them and the other room options is that the bathrooms are fully enclosed and have a jacuzzi bath.

26 x Meandering Pool Villas - all set along the 250m meandering pool and with their own private access to it. Four of these villas are duplex options, with the bedrooms on the upper floor, gazing down at the surrounding foliage and glimmering pool water and the sitting room on the ground floor, leading straight out to the private terrace and pool access. 

15 x Heritage Villas with Private Pool - these beautiful villas are garden facing, set throughout the grounds and with a private courtyard with a pool and jacuzzi.

7 x Heritage Lake View Villas with Private Pool - identical in layout to the Heritage Villas, these villas also enjoy latticed roofs, wood panelled walls, colourful murals and a private pool in it's own courtyard. They are set facing the lake with panoramic views. 

2 x Presidential Suites - these suites offer ultimate exclusivity with a huge amount of space, large private pools on the lake-front, and are set next to each other so work perfectly when booked together by a family or group.


Kumarakom Lake Resort also owns five traditional houseboats, three of which are two-bedroom houseboats, and 2 are one-bedroom houseboats. These are equipped with every luxury and are a wonderful place to spend a night of your stay. With air-conditioned bedrooms and dining rooms, and luxurious and well-equipped bathrooms, every detail has been thought of. 



Kumarakom Lake Resort is nestled on the banks of Lake Vembanad, amongst 25 acres of lush greenery, meandering pools and canals criss-crossing across the resort. All of this is set within Kerala, heralded by National Geographic Traveler as one of the must-see paradises of the world. Kerala itself is divided into fourteen districts, and Kumarakom Lake Resort can be found in the district of Kottayam, a 1hr45m drive from Cochin International Airport. 

Cochin International Airport can be reached by domestic flight from all of India's major hubs, as well by international flight from several major airlines, including Emirates, Etihad, Oman Airways, Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines.

Kumarakom Lake Resort is a visual glory of lush gardens and flowing water. The canals that criss-cross the resort are constantly pumped to ensure that the water stays in motion and does not get stagnant. Everything is fresh and beautiful and it's a pleasure to stroll the grounds here. It's the little touches like this that make this resort stand out so much in comparison to it's competition within Kerala. Kumarakom Lake Resort was in fact the destination of choice for Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, who celebrated Prince Charles' 65th birthday here and now have the two presidential suites named after them. 

Another touch that we think it particularly wonderful about Kumarakom Lake Resort is the activities that they offer their guests, such as pottery, mat weaving and basket weaving. Learning these traditional crafts gives guests a real insight into Kerala life, as well as some lovely souvenirs to take home. There is also complimentary yoga every morning, and a complimentary cruise on the lake for one hour each day at 5.30pm. 

Children of alleges are welcome at Kumarakom Lake Resort. One additional bed can be accommodated in each bedroom. The duplex villas can take two additional beds. Adjacent rooms can be provided for families but please note that these are not interconnecting. 


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