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The Treehotel was opened in 2010, the brainchild of owners Britta and Kent who gave free reign to leading Scandinavian architects to design the eco-conscious, sustainable treehouses which are suspended 13-20 feet off the ground, all surrounded by forest, built in and around the trees rather than chopping any down. The rooms are all designed to be comfortable year-round, even in severe cold temperatures or rain, making this a world-class destination whether you’re heading there in summer or the depths of winter. The treehouses can be a little bit of a walk from the main building, Britta’s Guesthouse, where the restaurant, bar and shared kitchen are found, however should you find yourselves tucked up in your treehouse and unwilling to abandon it then hot pies, gravlax, cheese and charcuterie platters, sandwiches and more can be delivered to the foot of your ladder. The restaurant at Britta’s Guesthouse is not to be missed though, offering a high standard of fresh and local produce, centred on seasonal wild game such as reindeer and elk meat, and fish and caviar from the nearby rivers accompanied by delicious fresh salads.

Each of the rooms has been designed to be utterly unique so it’s important to choose the one best suited for you. Some are designed to suit couples best; others can easily accommodate the entire family. It is worth noting that whilst all the treehouses have a bathroom with basin and loo in them, the only two that include a shower are The Dragonfly and The 7th Room. Brittta’s Guesthouse contains a two shower blocks for guests’ use though, one with a sauna, the other with a sauna and whirlpool plunge bath. There is also the magnificent Tree Sauna hidden away in the forest.

Activities vary greatly depending on whether you stay at the Treehotel in summer or winter, but whatever time of year it is everything that you do will enable you to enjoy the stunning surroundings and experience the Arctic circle at it’s very best.

The Mirrorcube – A spectacular hide-away up in the trees, camouflaged by means of reflecting the beauty of its surroundings. The six windows inside offer beautiful panoramic views and the interiors are best suited for two people with a double bed, bathroom with basin and loo, lounge and rooftop terrace. A 12-meter long bridge reaches the Mirrorcube.

The Cabin – The cabin is best described as a modern capsule, hanging beneath a platform amongst the trees on the hillside slope, overlooking the Lule River valley. The cabin is accessed via a horizontal bridge winding through the trees and encompasses 24sqm containing a double bed, bathroom with basin and loo, and terrace.

The Bluecone – This room is designed to be the simplest of the lot, built on a traditional wooden structure giving it a sense of height but also allowing for wheelchair access (the only one of the rooms that does). It is 22sqm in size and contains four beds, a sleeping loft, bathroom with basin and loo, and living room.

The Bird’s Nest – Possibly the most unique of the treehouse concepts…the Bird’s Nest literally appears to be an enormous nest from the outside, just one that would have had to have been built by a dinosaur sized bird! The interior is very modern in design with two bedrooms, one with a double bed and one with two bunks for children, as well as a bathroom, with basin and loo, and living area. A remote-controlled, retractable ladder accesses the nest so if you’re looking for privacy you can simply pull it up and nobody can reach you.

The UFO – Appealing to children and adults alike this imaginative treehouse actually enables you to climb aboard your very own spaceship. The UFO is built for five people (2 adults and 3 children) in an open-plan design with separate levels a living area, and bathroom with basin and loo.

The Dragonfly – Encompassing a vast 52sqm The Dragonfly is the second largest of the treehouses and can function both as a conference space or as a private suite. Reached by a 15m long ramp the room is modern and minimalistic on the inside, with big panoramic windows offering wonderful views of the valley below. There is a lounge, two separate rooms that can be used to sleep two couples or the entire family, and a table with seating for 10 people. The Dragonfly also has air-conditioning and a bathroom with basin, loo and shower.

The 7th Room – Intriguingly camouflaged by an enormous photo covering the underside of the cabin that shows a life size photo of the treetops as they looked before the room was put in place, this is definitely a room for anyone wanting to enjoy the views. It is set 10 metres up amongst the pines with breathtaking views of the Lule River. There are large panoramic windows facing towards the north and the skylights in the bedrooms allow its occupants to even enjoy the northern lights whilst lying in bed. This treehouse has been designed to provide different ‘experience levels’, the most extraordinary of which might be the patio which consists of a net. Here you can lie face down watching the goings-on on the forest floor, perhaps some reindeer meandering slowly by, or lie face up looking at the stars or the northern lights. It is the largest of the treehouses, being 100sqm in size, of which 75sqm is living space. The room accommodates five people on two double beds and a sofa bed. There is also a bathroom that includes a basin, loo and shower.

The Treehotel is located an 11 minute walk from Harads village, amongst acres of undisturbed forest of Swedish Lapland, in Norrbotten County, just south of the Arctic Circle. The hotel is reached via a 1hr 15min flight to Luleå from Stockholm, followed by a 1hr drive. Alternatively you can also take a helicopter from Luleå airport directly to the Treehotel, which takes about 25 minutes.

Treehotel really has it all. The rooms are so clever and inventive and a stay here really can only be described as an experience. Whilst they aren’t the epitomy of luxury with only two having showers in the treehouse itself, they are certainly comfortable, with underfloor heating to keep them nice and cosy and modern ameninties such as WiFi throughout. The hotel can arrange for you to experience all of the possible Arctic adventures and you certainly won’t be short of things to do here, be it summer or winter.

Treehotel is open all year round. Rates include breakfast. Dinner and lunch are also available at the restaurant at an additional charge. 

Thermal clothes, kick sleds, cross country skis and snowshoes can be rented at Treehotel. 

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