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A Desert Island Paradise

Aerial 2

Denis Private Island is a beautiful and romantic spot far away from anything else, one of the outermost islands of the Seychelles. A holiday here begins in true style, being met swiftly at the gate when landing on Mahe, the main island of the Seychelles, and whisked off to the little charter plane that will fly you straight out to Denis Island.


You soar over crystal clear blue seas and begin your holiday by trying to spot dolphins and all manner of other sea creatures. When flying low over the water on the approach to the island we were lucky enough to spot huge great manta rays cruising through the water beneath us.

Palm on Beach

Coming into land you see the line of grass stretching across the island that is the airstrip and touch safely down. The Seychelles is home to the world’s largest population of giant tortoises and Denis Island is home to a particularly famous one, Toby. Toby turned 118 at the beginning of 2016, and enjoyed a giant fruit-pie prepared for him by the staff. The tortoises on the island now live in a huge penned area. A decade or so ago they used to wander freely around the island but reportedly would cause quite a bit of mischief wandering onto the airstrip!


As well as Toby and his friends Denis Island has so much to offer and is the perfect private island getaway. You really do feel like you are in the middle of nowhere and it’s everything you would dream of and more if you fancy a Robinson Crusoe style getaway. Heading to the restaurant from your cottage in the evenings is a gently walk through the palm filled jungle, alternatively you can use the island’s bicycles to move around.



The villas themselves are spread along the beachfront, all with beautiful sea views and sun loungers on the beach before them. The villas have amazing open air bathrooms and a private courtyard where you can unwind enjoying an incredible massage. Some of the villas are particularly large with separate sitting areas, making it the ideal place to set up some extra beds for children too young to be in a villa of their own.


All in all it is just the most incredible island to visit. The feeling of first walking into the sea and finding it to be the temperature of a warm to hot bath, to memories of meeting Toby the Tortoise are simply unforgettable.